Treating the snake’s bite, an ulcer and various wounds

The Prophet said,

“There is no Rugyah more beneficial than one recited for the evil eye and fever.”

Ibn Majah said that A’esha narrated,

“The Messenger of Allah allowed using the Ruqyah for the scorpions and the snakes’ bite.” Further, Ibn Shihab Az-Zuhn narrated, “One of the companions of the Messenger of Allah was stung by a snake. The Prophet said, ‘Is there a person who could recite Rugyahl’ They said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! The children of AI- ‘Hazm used to recite a Ruqyah for snake’s bite, but abandoned the practice when you prohibited using Ruqyah.’ He said, ‘Summon ‘Umarah bin ‘Hazm.’ When they summoned him, he recited his Ruqyah to the Prophet who said that there is no objection to it. Hence, the Prophet allowed him to use it, and ‘Umarah recited the Ruqyah on the victim.” [AI-Bokhary, Muslim, An-Nasa’y and Ahmad].

Yellow rat snake
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In the Two sound books is narrated that Ayesha said:

“Whenever a person would complain from an ulcer (or a canker), or a wound, the Messenger of Allah would put his finger in the soil (on the ground after inserting it in his mouth, then raise it) saying, ‘In the Name of Allah: With the soil of our earth has got moisture with the saliva of some of us, let our sick be cured, with our Lord’s permission.

This is an easy, beneficial cure for various ulcers and fresh wounds, especially when there is no available medicine. The sand, which is cold and dry, and is available in all parts of the world, dries out the moisture that accumulates around the ulcer or wound. This moisture prevents quick healing by natural means, especially in warm areas. Most ulcers and wounds are In addition accompanied by a hot fever, which, when added to the irritant of warm weather, would only intensify the pain of those who are especially sensitive to heat. Since pure sand is cold and dry, more cooling than even the most effective medications for this purpose, the coolness of the sand will effectively pacify the warmth caused by the wound, especially when the sand is washed and dried.

crop man hand with cut finger wound
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Pure sand helps dry out most harmful moistures and wetness because it is a strong drying agent against wetness that prevents quick healing, as we stated. Further, pure sand helps cool the hotness in the hailing organ, which will strengthen its power of resistance (immunity) and thus end the pain by Allah’s Leave, The Hadith indicates that one should place some saliva on his index finger and then place it on pure sand, some of which will stick on to his finger. The finger should then be placed on the affected organ or the wound, and then one recites the supplication mentioned in the Hadith. This practice joins the blessings of mentioning Allah’s Name, relating all matters to Him, and trusting in Him, adding both the cure and the supplication that will make the remedy even more effective.

There are two opinions regarding the Prophet’s statement, “The sand of our land”, if whether it entails the sand of the entire earth or just the sand of Medina. There is no doubt that some types of sand are more effective remedies for various ailments than sand from other areas.

Since various types of sand have a healing effect, what about the sand of the best and most blessed area on the face of the earth, especially when mixed with the Prophet’s saliva? Added to these blessings is the supplication that the Prophet recited and in which he mentioned the Lord’s Name and related all matters to Him. We mentioned that the Ruqyah increases in effectiveness according to the strength of faith of the person who is reciting it and the response of the ill person to the Ruqyah. No sane, honorable Muslim doctor can deny this fact. However, if any of these qualities are absent, let such a person say whatever falsehood he wishes!

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