Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Jabir bin ‘Abdullah said, “The Messenger of Allah asked his wife for food and she said that [have vinegar. He asked for some of it and started eating from it while saying:

“What an excellent food is vinegar.” (He ate it with bread.)

Vinegar is a substance that is both hot and cold, although coldness is usually more apparent. It is dry in the third degree and a potent drying agent.

Vinegar soothes the body and softens nature, ‎Wine vinegar helps against gastric inflammation and bile and prevents the harm of toxic medications. It decomposes milk and the blood when thickened, helps the spleen, coats the stomach, constipates, quenches the thirst, and prevents tumors from occurring. It allows the digestion process, works against phlegm, softens thick foods, and softens the consistency of the blood.

‎When vinegar is drunk with salt, it will help against poisonous mushrooms. When vinegar is shipped, it will dissolve the clogs that occur in the blood in the lower jaw. When one rinses his mouth with warm vinegar, it relieves toothache and strengthens the gingival.

‎Vinegar helps against a septic finger when it is anointed with it and relieves pustules, hot tumors, and fire burns. Vinegar is an appetite stimulant, softens the stomach, and is favorable for young people and for those who live in warm areas.

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