What is the earliest memory you have?

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So I will be sharing a few of my earliest memories, in the form of a list.

  1. I guess this is the earliest memory I have as far as I can trust my memory. Once we were in our village, I was maybe four or five years old, I was running after my father as I love my father very much. Due to an attachment to my father, I used to go wherever he goes. We came out of the house. My father told me to stay there and that he will be back in a while. I trusted him, and sat there and started waiting for him. He becomes out of my sight. I waited for him too long, but he didn’t come back. Later I told him that he has gone on an important task.
  2. I once told my father at home, why don’t you pick me up from school? And the next day, someone pushed my school bag into the backward position. When I looked back, It was my father who was there to pick me up on his motorcycle.
  3. When my youngest brother was born, my mother gave me some sweets to distribute among the neighbors. When I went to one of our neighbors, their mother told me “What is the reason for these sweets?”. Her son was also standing there. I was feeling so shy that I told her to ask him to go and then I will tell her. And when he was gone, I told her that Allah has blessed us with a brother. And she congratulated me.

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