What fears have you conquered?

Fears are a part of life. Whether you accept it or not. We all have gone through many fears in our lives from childhood until today. These fears include fear of going to school without your parents, losing your loved ones, losing respect in awkward moments, etc. So Here “I will share a few of my fears which I have conquered to some degree.

Fear of losing loved ones:

A long time ago, when I was a child like under 10 or so, I always has this fear what will I do if my parents died or what will happen to me if my grand parents of siblings die ,all of a sudden. I has this fear for many years till my late teens. Then , I got to know that death is not the end of life. It’s the beginning of a new life. Our life doesn’t end here. Rather, its a start of a never ending life that will start after the day of Judgment. There will be no death once we shall go “Jannat”(Heaven) or “Jahannaum” (Hell).

We shall always stay there. So after pondering over the Quran, I got to know that death is not something to be fearful of. Rather, we must be fearless, what we are taking with ourselves next to the owner of of the Day of Judgment. This thought increases my faith and I have conquered my fear of death. Because death will be the day I shall meet Allah.

The only way to conquer fear is to face it.

Fear of disrespect:

Throughout my life, I have always wondered why people disrespect me over petty issues. I mean I am the kind of a person who will always try to be patient in between the confrontation. Who will always try to be “a good person” in all circumstances? But, lately, I realized it’s not the people who will give respect me. It’s not the society that will appreciate me as an ordinary person.It’s not my friends who will support me in becoming a nice and kind person. I should never look after the people who get accepted. I should not always think that whatever society told us is always correct. Whatever the people around us say correctly is correct and wrong is wrong. There is a difference between being good and being correct. I should not always strive for being good; rather following the truth should be my priority. This thought lead me to conquer my fear of losing respect in society. It’s not the people who give you respect. It’s the creator of this world who shall give respect or disrespect to a person. As we read in the Quran;

 “We have indeed honored the Children of Adam, and provided for them means of transportation on land and sea and given them wholesome food and exalted them high above the greater part of Our creation. “

17: 70

Fear of being unloved:

As humans, we all are emotional, in one way or another. At whatever age, we are. We all want to be loved and aspire to be treated as special. The same was the case with me. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to go the extra mile to love the people who are very close to my heart. I have always tried to be on a compromising side and the one who is always ready to submit my rights and emotions. But being a yes man doesn’t always give you whatever you want. People take advantage of this treat of yours. Just recently, when I am in my late thirties, I realized that going to an extreme side of emotions is not always needed, in the majority of cases. We must learn to create balance in our emotions. We must not always give place in our heads to someone who doesn’t need that love. So, the fear of being unloved and unaccepted fades away. In our hearts, Allah’s love should be above all love and we must love someone for the sake of Allah and hate someone for the sake of Allah. People can betray you, but your creator can never betray you.

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