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  • Pleurisy


    The doctors divide pleurisy into two types, real and unreal. The first type is an infected growth that appears in the pleura that coats the ribs. The second type causes a similar pain and attacks the pleura as a result of thick, congested flatulence between the peritoneum (a smooth transparent membrane that lines the abdominal…

  • Treating pain in general with Islamic prayer formulas

    Treating pain in general with Islamic prayer formulas

    Muslim [Ibn Ma’jah, Ahmad, and At-Tabarani} narrated in his Sahih that ‘’Uthman bin Abu AI-‘As complained to the Prophet from a pain in his body that he suffered from ever since he became a Muslim. The Prophet said: “Place your hand on the affected area in your body and say, ‘In the Name of Allah,’…

  • Sciatica


    Ibn Majah narrated in his Sunan (collection of Hadith) that Anas bin Malik said, I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: “Curing sciatica is accomplished by melting the fat from the tail of a nomad’s ewe. Then, the fat is divided into three parts and one part per day is drunk on an empty stomach.”…

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