loaf bread

From the Heart: The Joy of Baking Bread

In the Sahih, it is narrated that the Prophet said:

“On the Day of Resurrection, the earth will look like one piece of bread which the Most Mighty would prepare with His Hand as a residence for the people of Paradise.”

The best type of bread is yeasty and kneaded. The next best is furnace bread, oven-baked bread, and bread cooked under hot ashes, using fresh flour.

The most nutritious kind of bread is semolina bread, because it digests slowly and because it does not have excessive amounts of bran, then chalky bread and lastly black bread.

The best time to eat the bread is in the last part of the day when it is baked. Unlike dry bread, soft bread is lighter, more nutritious, humidifying, and digests faster.

a chopping board on towel with slices of bread beside olive oil and salt

Wheat bread is hot in the second degree and is mild concerning wetness and dryness unless dried by the fire. Wheat bread fattens the body rapidly.

The Qatayif (similar to pancakes) causes a thick condition, while breadcrumbs provoke swelling in the stomach and digestion with difficulty. Further, bread made with milk causes clogs and is difficult to digest, although it is nutritious.

Barley bread is cold and dry in the first degree and it’s not as nutritious as wheat bread.

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