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  • Revitalize Your Life, Heartfelt Movement

    Revitalize Your Life, Heartfelt Movement

    Discover the Prophet’s morning routine and experience complete health and spiritual satisfaction. The Prophet used to wake up when the rooster crowed and would then praise Allah, affirm His Greatness and Oneness, supplicate to Him, and he would use siwak (natural toothbrush). He would then perform ablution and stand before his Lord reciting His Speech…

  • Wounds and cuts

    Wounds and cuts

    In the Sahihan (authentic books of hadith) it is narrated that Sahl bin Sa’d been asked about how the Messenger’s injuries in the battle of Uhud ( name of a battle) were treated. Sahl said, “The Prophet’s (ﷺ) face was injured, his tooth was broken and the helmet he was wearing was smashed on his…

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