Fatihah (the First Chapter in the Qur’an)

The Majestic Power of Al-Fatihah: A Guiding Light, Divine Cure, and Source of Blessings

Fatihah is the mother of the Qur’an, the seven frequently recited Verses that the Prophet was given, and the ultimate cure and beneficial remedy that contains the perfect Ruqiah, the Islamic prayer formula. The Fatihah is the key to acquiring richness, success, and strength. The Fatihah removes sadness, depression, anguish, and fear. Only those who appreciate the value of the Fatihah and give it its due consideration, reciting it as it should be recited and knowing the secret of its value as a medicine and as a cure, will acquire such bounties.

Divine Healing and Spiritual Revelation: Unveiling the Secrets of Al-Fatihah for Guidance and Well-Being

One of the Companions unveiled a few of the secrets of the Fatihah when he used it as a Rugyah for scorpion stings. The affected person was instantly cured and the Prophet asked the Companion: “How did you know it is a cure?” They are the successful ones who uncover some of the secrets of the Fatihah and what it contains Tawhid, knowing Allah and His Names, Attributes, Actions, and Decisions. Those who acquire knowledge of what the Fatihah contains affirming the religion, Predestination, Resurrection, Allah’s Oneness in worship and in Lordship and trusting and depending on He Who owns all affairs, the praise, and all pure things and to Whom everything must return. Those who acquire the habit of showing meekness to Allah, seeking correct guidance which is the basis of the ultimate happiness in this and the Next Life.

Empowering the Soul: The Transformative Power of Al-Fatihah in Pursuit of Well-Being

Those who acquire knowledge in the connection between the meanings contained in the Fatihah and acquiring the good and fending off the harm of both lives. Those who understand that their ultimate well-being and receiving the perfect Favor of Allah are all linked to implementing these meanings. It is they who will be able to substitute the Fatihah in place of many medicines and use it as an Islamic prayer formula {Ruqiah) and will use it to open the doors of goodness and drive away the elements of evil.

The Unrivaled Power of Al-Fatihah: A Key to Divine Knowledge, Soul Remedy, and Spiritual Guidance

Understanding this subject requires a new nature, a new heart, and a new type of Faith. By Allah! You will not find any evil statement, nor misguiding innovation, but the Fatihah will contain what nullifies and refutes it in the best, most correct, and most direct manner. You will not find a door that leads to acquiring divine knowledge, correct guidance of the heart, and the remedy of the soul against its ills, but the Fatihah will possess its key and the method to best use it. Finally, you will not find a path on which those who seek the Lord of the Worlds are passing, but you will find the Fatihah in its beginning and end, By Allah! The Fatihah is much more important than what we have emphasized. The slave who holds fast to the Fatihah comprehends it in the proper manner, and relies on it as a perfect remedy, a shield, immunity, and as a light of guidance. He understands its implications as they should be understood. It is he who will not fall into an innovation, or Shirk, or catch an ailment in the heart except briefly!

Surah Faatiha

The Fatihah: Unveiling the Key to Earthly and Heavenly Treasures

The Fatihah is the ultimate key to the treasures of the earth and Paradise, as well. But not every person knows how to use this key so as to have access to these treasures. If those who seek these treasures were able to uncover the secrets of this chapter [in the Qur’an] and acquire knowledge of its implications, they would add teeth to the key and would have easy access to these treasures.

The Hidden Wisdom of Al-Fatihah: Unraveling the Treasures of the Heart and Earth

Allah has Perfect Wisdom in hiding the secrets [of Al-Fatihah’} from the hearts of the majority of humankind, just as He has perfect Wisdom in hiding the treasures of the earth from them. The hidden treasures of the earth are surrounded by the devils that stand between humankind and these treasures. Only good souls will be able to defeat these devils with True Faith, which is the weapon that the devils cannot withstand. However, the majority of the souls of mankind are not of this type (are not truly faithful). Therefore, they cannot resist the evil or defeat them to acquire their possessions, “Whoever kills a combatant will have his possessions.”

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