How do you define success?

Are you among the people who define success as possessing worldly things such as a luxurious house, a big car, and a bank statement worth millions of Dollars?

So, I will prove it wrong today.

The creator of this world, Allah almighty, has made us so that one can never find peace in this materialistic possession. When we hear Azaan (Muslim prayer call), five times a day, we are called upon to offer prayers, Salah. Just after that, we’re told that come toward success.

Salah is the real success

A bit deeper; Success is not what our very loving and dear parents told us i.e. To earn more and more money. A person who earns more and more money shall be respected more in society and consequently, he will be successful. But the Psychology of a man is different from that. A person can never find peace of heart if earns more money, but he will find peace if he gives to others. It should be in any form. It could be in the form of money, time, listening, speaking, or even patience.

As Allah says in the Quran as below;

So, success will only will for those who believe in Allah and accept Islam as Islam is the declared religion by Allah till the day of judgment. If anyone chooses any other religion, that shall not be accepted by him/her.

May we all be given the opportunity by Allah to define success in real terms.

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