Secrets of Intimacy: A Journey through Islamic Teachings and Health Benefits

Sexual Intimacy: A Source of Fulfillment and Well-being

Intimacy is meant to achieve three essential goals: First; reproduction and the preservation of mankind until the number of souls that Allah has ordered to come to this world is fulfilled and completed. Second, expelling the water (semen), which would cause harm if it remains inside the body. Third, satisfying sexual desire and enjoying sex and the bounty that it represents. The last essential goal is the only one that will be satisfied in Paradise because there will be no reproduction in Paradise nor the accumulation of sperm that needs to be discarded.

Preserving Health Through Intimacy: A Doctor’s Perspective

The best doctors state that sex is one of the best methods to preserve good health. When the sperm is congested in the body, it will cause certain ailments, such as obsession, madness, and epilepsy. Discarding it, on the other hand, helps cure many of these ailments. When the sperm is kept in the body for a long time, it becomes spoiled and turns into a toxic material that can cause certain ailments. This is why sometimes sperm is expelled from the body naturally. Some of ours said, “Man should take care of three things: he should not ignore walking so that when he needs it one day he is able to do it; he should not refrain from eating, because the intestines will shrink; he should not refrain from sexual activity, because if the well’s water is not drawn out, it will drain.”

Intimacy: Strengthening the Bond Between Spouses

Engaging in sexual activity while also practicing the virtues of lowering the gaze, repulsing lust, and abstaining from illegal sexual activity can bring about numerous benefits, not only for oneself but also for one’s spouse. These practices promote purity, self-control, and a deeper understanding of one another, fostering a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

The Messenger’s Wisdom: Encouragement to Marry

This is why the Prophet used to fulfill his legal sexual desire, as he used to say:

Further, the Prophet encouraged his nation to marry:

The Role of Virginity: A Perspective from the Hadith

Abu Dawood narrated in his Sunan:

“The Prophet used to kiss ‘A’esha (wife) and suck her tongue.”

Intimacy: The Importance of Foreplay

In addition, Jabir bin ‘Abdullah narrated:

“The Messenger of Allah did not allow sexual intercourse before fondling (the wife).”

Intimacy: Timing and Hygiene

Sometimes, the Prophet would sleep with all of his wives in one night and would only take one bath afterward. Sometimes, the Prophet would take a bath after sleeping with each of his wives. Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Anas said, “The Prophet would sometimes sleep with all of his wives and take one bath afterward.” In addition, Abu Dawood narrated in his Sunan that Abu Rafi’ the Prophet’s servant, said, “The Messenger of Allah once slept with all of his wives and took a bath after each time. I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, why not take only one bath afterward?” He said,

“This is more pure, cleaner, and better.”

Ritual Purity: The Importance of Post-intimacy Ablution

It allows for those having sexual intercourse to have sex for a second time after they perform ablution (Wudu). Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri said that the Messenger of Allah said:

“When one of you sleeps with his wife and then wants to repeat, let him perform ablution (Wudu).”

Health and Purity: The Benefits of Post-Intimacy Bath

Taking a bath or ablution after sex refreshes the energy and strength and cleans whatever has remained during sex (semen, for example). It is also an act of purity and cleanness. The inner heat will also get back to its normal activity level after being excited during sex. In addition, taking a bath satisfies what Allah prefers of cleanliness and discards its opposite (impurity), which Allah hates. Thus, taking a bath sex is one of the best acts that preserve one’s health and strength.

Timing Matters: The Ideal Conditions for Intimacy

Sex is best after your food has been digested. At that time the body’s inner coldness, hotness, dryness, and wetness were moderate. Sex is harmful when the stomach is full more than it is empty. Such is the case when the body feels excessive wetness, as compared to dryness, and heat as compared to coldness. One should have sex when the desire is ignited and thus the body is naturally ready to have sex, not because one just thought about it.

Choosing the Right Time: Nature’s Rhythm for Intimacy

One should not ignite his sexual appetite when it is not naturally exciting and should not force himself to have sex. In addition, when one feels that his sexual appetite is ignited, he should have sex to satisfy it. One ‘should avoid having sex with an old woman, a very young who isn’t ready yet for sex or does not desire it, an ailing woman, a woman who isn’t comely, or a hated woman. Having sex in such cases will weaken the strength and the sexual drive. Some doctors made an error when they stated that having sex with a matronly woman is better for her health than with a virgin. This statement defies what the best minds have stated and goes against the nature of mankind in general. When one marries a virgin, his heart will be fully dedicated to her and will be filled with her love, In addition, he will not divide the type of love he reserves for her with any other woman (who he marries later on).

The Divine Preference: Marrying a Virgin

This is why the Prophet said to Jabir ‘Is a virgin?”

The women of Paradise, (the Hoors), have not been touched by any person before their future, believing husbands in Paradise, a bounty from Allah that makes them more appealing. In addition, A’esha once said to the Prophet,

“If you pass by a tree that has been grazed on and a tree that is still untouched, which one would you allow your camel to graze on?” He said, “The tree that is still untouched by grazing.”

She meant that he did not marry a virgin woman except her.

Intimacy and Emotional Connection: The Key to Satisfaction

Having sex with a woman that one loves will not weaken the body and will expel semen more effectively. Having sex with a woman that one does not like will weaken his strength and will not expel sufficient amounts of the semen congest.

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