All you need to know about silver; the metal

There is an authentic narration that states:

“The Messenger of Allah had a silver ring with a silver face. The grip of his sword was made from silver.”

“Unlike disallowing drinking in silver containers, there are no authentic narrations that disallow wearing silver. The category of containers for food and drink is more specific than the category of clothes and adornments. For instance, women are allowed to wear all types of clothes and adornments, while there are specific containers for food and drink that are not allowed to be used (i.e., gold and silver containers). Therefore, the fact that Muslims are not allowed to use some types of containers does not necessarily apply to clothes and adornments [which are a wider category as we have stated].

In the Sunan it is narrated that the Prophet “ said:

“As for silver, play with it as you like.”

Furthermore, disallowing wearing silver adornments needs a specific Text (Qur’an or Sunnah) or a consensus (of the scholars) for the heart to accept it with certainty. Once, the Prophet “ held some gold in one hand and some silk in the other hand and said:

“These two are not allowed for the males of my nation and allowed for the females among them.”

Silver is one of the wonders that Allah has created on earth. It is the key to acquiring one’s needs and high positions among the people of the earth. Those who have silver are honorable in the eyes of the people and respected in their hearts, allowing them to sit at the head of various meetings and open all doors in front of them. The people do not feel bored by sitting next to owners of silver, nor will their presence be heavy.

Fingers point at them, while eyes look at them {in admiration]. If they speak, people listen and if they intervene, their mediation will be accepted. If they present their witness, their testimony will be accepted and if they give a speech, they will not be blamed for being incompetent; and even the white hair that they have will be considered more youthful than youth itself!

Silver is one of the remedies that bring joy to the hearts and drive away sadness, depression, and weakness in the heart and its heartbeat. Silver is used in some of the best kinds of ointments and helps extract the harmful substances or conditions of the heart, especially when blended with pure honey and saffron.

Silver is originally cold and dry, but produces hotness and wetness.

There are four types of gardens that Allah has prepared for His loyal slaves when they meet Him: two made of gold and two made of silver, including all their containers, adornments, and whatever is in them.

In the Sahih it is narrated that the Prophet said:

“Those who drink from golden or silver bowls are only pushing the Fire of Jahannam (Hell) down into their stomachs.”

He said, as narrated in the Saheeh (the sound book)

“Neither drink from golden or silver bowls nor eat on golden on silver plates. It is for them (the disbelievers) in the life of this world and for you in the Next Life.”

Some people said that the wisdom behind disallowing using golden and silver containers is to tighten the money supply. They say that if people use silver and gold as containers, then the interests of humankind will not be served well. Some people said that they are disallowed so that whoever uses them does not become arrogant and proud, or so that the poor persons do not become humbled when they see such items, and so forth. These opinions are not sound.

For instance, tightening the money supply should include disallowing wearing golden and silver adornments and canes [not only golden and _ silver containers]. Further, pride and arrogance are not allowed regarding anything. Making the poor feel humbled is not a precise subject that we can define, for they could feel humbled when they see luxurious homes, spacious gardens, and lavish means of transportation, clothes, and delicious foods. All these ‎items are allowed for people.

‎What we think is the valid reason for this prohibition, and Allah has the best knowledge, is that using gold and silver in this manner affects the heart in such a way that contradicts true slavery to Allah. This is why the Prophet said that it is for the disbelievers in this life because the disbelievers do not have a share in the true slavery [to Allah] that will give them the rewards of the Next Life. The slaves of Allah should not use these items in this manner, because only those who do not implement the requirements of their slavery (to Allah) use them in this life, as they prefer the life of this world to the Next Life. Allah has the best knowledge.

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