Treating Scorpion Stings and Blending Faith with Healing

Introduction to Prophetic Medicine

Prophetic Medicine, a practice deeply rooted in Islamic tradition, offers valuable guidance on health and well-being. It draws upon the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quran to provide remedies and preventive measures for various ailments.

The Essence of Faith in Al-Ikhlas

The chapter Al-Ikhlas contains the essentials of the Faith and the Creed, various aspects of Tawheed, and attesting to and affirming Allah’s Oneness that entails denying all types and forms of shirk with Him. It entails affirming that Allah is the Sustainer, along with asserting every type of perfection for Him. Consequently, the creation seeks Allah for each and every need. This chapter denies that Allah has a parent, an offspring, or an equal, and this is why it equals one third of the Quran. Furthermore. Allah’s Name “As- Samad (the Sustainer)” that the chapter contains includes each and every type of perfection. The chapter denies that Allah has an equal, while Allah’s Name Al-Ahad (the One) denies the existence of a partner with Allah. These are the three essential cornerstones of Tawheed [Allah’s Oneness in Lordship and worship and in His Names and Attributes.

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Mu’awwizatan: Seeking Refuge in Allah

The Mu’awwizatan (chapters 113 and 114 of the Quran) includes seeking refuge with Allah from every type of evil and harm. Seeking refuge from the evil that Allah has created includes every type of evil that such creations, whether physical or spiritual, can ever produce and cause. Seeking refuge from the night when its sign, (the moon), sets, entails seeking refuge from the evil souls that thrive during the night, as opposed to the light of the day. This is because when the darkness falls and the moon sets, the evil forces come out.

Prophet Muhammad’s Experience with Sorcery

It was reported that when the Prophet PBUH, was the victim of sorcery, the spell contained eleven knots tied each with a special incantation blown on it, and that whenever Jibril(King of all angels) up recited a Verse from the Moaw’azatan, a knot was untied, until all eleven knots were untied. Then, the Prophet gig was cured, as if being released from a restraining chain.

The Prophet’s Guidance on Preventive Measures

Know that the Divine cures help after one catches a disease and help prevent it from happening. If any type of harm befalls one afterward, it will not be severe. Natural medicines, on the other hand, only help after the disease attacks. Islamic prayer formulas and the various supplications either prevent the disease from happening or make it milder after it happens, depending on the strength of soul and heart of the sick person.

Ruqyah for Scorpion Stings and Namlah

As for the second benefit of Ruqyah, providing a cure, we mentioned healing the ill person by reciting the Al-Fatihah and reciting the Ruqyah to cure Scorpion stings.

Conclusion: Blending Faith and Medicine

In conclusion, Prophetic Medicine exemplifies the harmonious blend of faith and medicine. It offers remedies and preventive measures rooted in Islamic tradition, providing guidance on maintaining well-being and seeking protection from various ailments. By following these teachings, individuals can nurture both their physical health and spiritual connection with Allah, the Most High.


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