Delight in Ajwah Dates: Nature’s Sweet Nutrient Powerhouse

Ajwah Dates – A Natural Protection

Sa’d bin Abu Waqaas narrated that the Prophet said:

“Whoever eats seven dates of ‘Ajwah in the morning will not be harmed by poison or magic the rest of that day.”

Ajwah Dates: A Blessing from Paradise

An-Nasa’y and Ibn Majah narrated that the Prophet said:

“The ‘Ajwah is from Paradise, and it is an antidote against poison. The Kamab (truffles) is a type of Manna and its water (extract) cures the eye.”

The Exceptional ‘Ajwah of Al-Madinah

There is an opinion that this Hadith is talking about the ‘Ajwah of Al-Madinah in particular, which is one of the best types of dates in the area of Hijaz. The ‘Ajwah, pressed dried dates, is a good type of dates, has firm skin and is one of the softest and most delicious types of dates.

Seafood Permissibility: The Case of the Whale

We mentioned the Hadith that is narrated in the Two Sahihs about Abu “Ubaydah and the Muslim army finding a huge fish, or whale, and that they ate from it for half a month. They took some of its meat with them to Al-Madinah and gave the Prophet some of it. This Hadith indicates that it is allowed for Muslims to eat whatever comes from the sea even when it is dead.

Clarification on the Whale’s Condition

Some people said that the whale was thrown on the shore while still alive and that when the water receded it died. Therefore, they say, the whale died because of the lack of water naturally.

The Argument for Seafood Permissibility

This opinion is incorrect because the companions found the whale dead at the seashore. They did not see it alive and then the water receded causing its death as claimed. Further, if the whale were still alive, the sea would not have thrown it on the shore, as the sea usually throws dead animals and dead fish on the shore.

Ambergris (Al-‘Anbar): A Precious Perfume

As for Al-‘Anbar, amber, which is a type of Tab (perfume), it is one of the best types of perfume after Musk. Some people mistakenly preferred ‘Anbar to Musk.

The Supremacy of Musk Perfume

However, the Prophet described Musk:

“it is the best Tajb (perfume).”

‘Anbar in Paradise: A Comparison with Musk

Soon afterward, we will mention the benefits and characteristics of Musk, which is the Hab of Paradise. In addition, the seats in Paradise that belong to the true believers are made of Musk, not ‘Anbar.

Varieties of ‘Anbar

Those who thought that ‘Anbar is better than Musk were deceived by the fact that the ‘Anbar does not spoil, just like gold. This fact alone does not indicate that the ‘Anbar is better than Musk.

Types and Origins of ‘Anbar

There are several types of ‘Anbar: white, gray, red, yellow, green, blue, black, and multicolored. The best type of ‘Anbar is gray, then blue, and then yellow in color, while the black ‘Anbar is the worst type.

People have conflicting opinions regarding the origin of ‘Anbar, some people say that it is a plant that grows on the seabed and that sea reptiles eat and then discard it to later be thrown on the seashore. Some people say that ‘Anbar is the waste of sea creatures that look like cow manure. Some people even said that it is a type of foam that the sea discards on the shore. The author of the ‘Qanoon’ discounted the last two opinions but said that the amber might originate from an undersea spring.

Health Benefits of ‘Anbar

‘Anbar is hot and dry and strengthens the heart, the mind, and the senses. It strengthens the body and helps relieve facial paralysis, hemiplegia (paralysis), phlegmy ailments, stomach, and flatulence. ‘Anbar In addition helps open various clogs if it is used as an ointment or as a drink. When it is inhaled, ‘Anbar will relieve cold symptoms, headaches, and migraines.

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