Are you stressed? Try this leaf called Basil.

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The Enchanting World of Raihan: Myrtle’s Cold Essence and Soft Hot Substance for Head Health and Beyond

Every plant that has a good scent is called ‘Raihan. Therefore, every area gives a certain plant that name. For instance, the people to the west, as well as, the Arabs call the aromatic plants Raihan. The people in Iraq and Sham call the Hibk (a type of mint) a Raihan. Raihan or myrtle is cold in the first degree and dries in the second degree. Yet, it is a compound of several qualities, most of which consist of an earthly cold essence. Myrtle In addition consists of a soft hot substance. Myrtle dries the head nicely and is effective as a constipating agent.

Therapeutic Wonders of Myrtle and Basil: Healing Herbs for Body and Mind

Ibn Majah narrated in his Sunon that Usamah related from the Prophet that he said:

“Is there anyone who is ready to enter Paradise, for Paradise is all good (and pure). It is, by the Lord of the Ka’bah, a shining light, a twinkling Raihan, a luxurious palace, a running river, a ripe date, and a beautiful, pretty wife. It has many suits, eternal residence in a good place of dwelling, fruits, vegetables, comfort and bounty in an exalted, comfortable dwelling.”They said, ” “Yes, O Messenger of Allah We are ready for it!’ He said, ‘Say, by Allah’s Leave.’ They said, By Allah’s Leave.’”

Allah said:

  1. “Then, if he (the dying person) be of the Mugarrabun (those brought near to Allah), (There is for him) rest and provision and a Garden of Delights (Paradise).”
  2. In addition, corn, with (its) leaves and stalk for fodder, and sweet-scented plants.

Muslim narrated that the Prophet said:

  • Whoever was presented with Rayhan should not refuse it, because it is easy to wear and has a good scent

The Marvelous Healing Powers of Myrtle: From Ailment Relief to Wound Healing and Beyond

Myrtle prevents bile diarrhea and dissipates hot and wet vapor when one smells its scent. Its scent brings relief to the heart and prevents various ailments, especially when the plant is spread around the house. Myrtle heals the tumors that occur in the two ureters when it is coated with them. When fresh myrtle leaves are ground, blended with vinegar, and then placed on the head, they will stop nose bleeding. When dried myrtle leaves are crushed and the powder is sprinkled on wet ulcers, it will heal them and will help weak organs when used as a bandage, relieve septic fingers, and heal spots and ulcers on the hands and feet, When myrtle is used to rub the body, it eliminates sweat, dries the excess wetness and dissipates underarm odor. When one sits in the water that myrtle was cooked in, it will help against infections on the buttocks and vagina and will heal weak joints and broken bones, when it is poured on the wound.

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The Healing Power of Myrtle/Basil: A Natural Remedy for Dandruff, Ulcers, and Skin Spots

Myrtle helps eliminate dandruff, wet ulcers, and spots that appear on the head. It helps the hair against falling and gives it a black color. When myrtle leaves are ground with a little water and then blended with some oil or rose grease and then used as a bandage, it will be suitable against fresh (or humid) ulcers, canker sores, erysipelas (skin infection), acute tumors, urticaria (hives) and hemorrhoids.

The Versatile Healing Benefits of Myrtle Seeds: A Natural Remedy for Hemoptysis, Diarrhea, and More

Myrtle seeds help against hemoptysis (spitting up blood) of the chest and lungs. It coats the stomach, does not harm the chest or the stomach, and cleanses them. It helps against diarrhea and coughing, and this is a special quality for myrtle that is rarely found in other medications. Myrtle seeds In addition help urine production and heal vesica (bladder) infections, spider bites, and scorpion stings. Using myrtle roots to clean between the teeth is harmful, though.

The Therapeutic Wonders of Persian Raihan: A Powerful Remedy for Headaches, Diarrhea, and Heart Health

Persian Raihan, which is called Hibg, is hot, and when its scent is smelled, it helps against hot headaches when water is sprinkled on the Hibg and then is allowed to cool down. It is, In addition, said that this kind of myrtle is cold, but it looks like it has some of the four types of temperament. It helps bring sleep to the eye. The seeds of Persian myrtle relieve diarrhea of the bile, and stomach, strengthen the heart, and help against black bile ailments.

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