Unearthing Nature’s Miracles: The Prophet’s Healing Wisdom Found in Truffles

Hidden Treasures of the Earth: The Healing Power of Truffles

In the Sahihain it is narrated that the Prophet said:

“The Truffles are among the Manna and its water (extract or juice) cures the eye.”

A Prophet’s Prescription: Truffles as a Miraculous Cure

Hidden Treasures of the Earth: The Healing Power of Truffles

Truffles Unearthed: The Enigmatic Growth and Appearance

The Truffles grow wild underground, and it is called Truffles because it grows hidden beneath the earth.

Nature’s Smallpox: Unveiling the Symbolism of Truffle Development

The Truffles do not have leaves or stems. The essence of the Truffles is partly earthly and partly steamy and remains concealed underground during winter and then starts to grow above the ground with spring rainfall. This is why it is called the smallpox of the land, for it is similar to smallpox, which is caused by moistures clogged with blood that get aggravated during the early childhood years when the body starts to gain strength.

Gift of the Thunderstorms: The Mythical Origin of Truffles

Truffles grow in the spring and are eaten raw or cooked. The Arabs used to call truffles ‘the plant of the thunder because they grow in the aftermath of thunderstorms. The nomads in the desert use mushrooms in their regular diet.

Nomadic Cuisine: Truffles in the Desert Diet

Gift of the Thunderstorms: The Mythical Origin of Truffles

Types of Truffles: Navigating Varieties and Their Traits

Further, the best type of truffles grows on sandy dry land. There are several types of Truffles, among which is a poisonous plant that is reddish in color and which causes asphyxiation. The

Balancing Act: Truffles’ Cold and Wet Nature

Truffles are cold and wet in the third degree, and it is not favorable for the stomach and not easily digested. Eating Truffles on a regular basis causes constipation, gastric pain, facial paralysis, stomachache, and painful urination. Humid kinds of mushrooms are less harmful than dry ones.

Cautious Consumption: Managing Truffle-Related Health Concerns

Therefore, those who wish to eat Kamah should bury them in a muddy area and then boil them in water, add salt and mint, and then eat them with oil and spices. This is because the Truffles have a heavy, earthy essence, although it contains a fair amount of water in its essence that makes it a little light.

Eyesight Elixir: Truffles for Ocular Health

In addition, using the Truffles as kohl helps in cases of bad eyesight and ophthalmia (conjunctivitis). Some of the best doctors have agreed that truffle water or juice helps strengthen eyesight.

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